10 Reasons Nutty Snacks are Better for Your Kids

10 Reasons Nutty Snacks are Better for Your Kids

Growing kiddos will begin crying out with a familiar call more and more: "I'm hungry!" It might seem easier to stash a few bags of gummies or chocolate treats in a bag and throw them into the backseat once they start grumbling, but in reality it makes more sense to stock up on nutty, gluten-free snacks.

Because of science.

No, really!


Here are 10 reasons nutty treats are better for kids than sugar-filled stuff.

1. Afternoon Energy Boost

Lots of kids fall into a mid-day slump at about 3 p.m. just like their parents. A nutty snack in the afternoon provides protein, which translates to an energy boost just when they need it most.

2. Improved Bone Health

A glass of milk isn't the only way to help growing kids keep their bones healthy. Nuts like almonds are also rich in calcium, and a good alternative to the empty calories in crackers or other snacks.

3. Source of Fiber

A lack of fiber may lead to digestive problems, including constipation, in kids. Nuts like pistachios provide a dose of much-needed fiber in the afternoon to keep digestion on track.

4. Immune Boosters

Some types of nuts, such as Brazil nuts, have a high dose of selenium. This essential mineral can improve your kids' immune system and may help them stave off that cold that's been going around.

5. Offer Good Fats

While fat may have become a dirty word, the bottom line is that our bodies do need a certain amount of "good" fats to operate. About 80 percent of the fat in nuts is healthy, making it a better source for essential fats than most other snacks.

6. Easy Way to Avoid Sugars

When kids eat sugar in the afternoon, they tend to crash. Plus, artificial sugars are bad for teeth and void of important vitamins and minerals. Nuts are a good way to fill kids' tummies without resorting to empty sugars that don't offer real nutritional value.

7. Diversity in Taste and Texture

Having the same snack over and over can be boring and lead some kids to ditch their snack pack altogether. Nuts offer a variety of tastes, and they take different form. If kids get tired of their cashews, parents can try a nutter butter on celery or apples.

8. Heart Health

Nuts are a good ingredient for a healthy heart. Parents can throw some pecans into the snack rotation to help their kids' arteries stay clear and clean from an early age.

9. More Calories for Your Buck

It's true that nuts are high in calories. But, as previously mentioned, they're also full of protein and healthy fats. The calories will fill kiddos' tummies faster than cookies or crackers; when they eat nuts, they are more likely to avoid the temptation to reach for more junk food.

10. Memory Booster

People are never too young to start improving their memory! Success in school may depend on the ability the recall textbook information and remember teachers' instructions. Nuts like cashews are known to help in this department.

Parents shouldn't have to feel resigned to reaching for chocolate or sugar-rich snacks when they're on the run! At Nutty Snacks, we provide healthier alternatives that will satisfy kids and keep parents happy.

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