Hungry? Nosh on Nuts!

Hungry?  Nosh on Nuts!

Got hunger pains? Nosh on nuts! Nuts are nutritious and chock-full of protein, which keeps you feeling full longer than other snacks do. Plant-based eaters will enjoy nuts and mixes that are made with coconut oil rather than hydrogenated fats, and dry-roasted nuts also pack a lot of flavor. Consider the health benefits of nuts and add these natural noshes to your daily routine.

Quell hunger and nosh on nutritious nuts:

Perfect Punch of Protein

Good nutrition simply feels good, and nourishing one's self is among the kindest, gentlest things a person can do for themselves. Take time to eat healthfully, and think ahead by bringing along healthier options when away from home. Protein forms the building blocks of muscle, and is what gives you energy throughout the day; make sure your diet is rich in practical protein sources.

Easy-to-Take Snacks

Is there anything easier to pack for snacking than a tasty nut mix? Furthermore, these snacks are naturally gluten-free, so they appeal to a wide range of children and adults alike. The fiber in nuts will help to satisfy hunger between meals and provides the energy from protein needed to get through a long day. A good portion is approximately an ounce, which equates to 35 peanuts or 24 almonds.

For Crunch at Lunch

Give a simple salad or bowl of soup a little bit of a lift with a handful of crunchy nuts! An ounce of peanuts contains over 24 grams of protein, which is about the same protein as in a three-ounce steak -- but with a lot fewer calories! Nuts hold their crunch longer than croutons, and will keep you feeling full all afternoon.

Brain Food for Studying

Nuts are rich in vitamin B6 and very high in magnesium, which contributes to energy and metabolism, which can make them a great brain-food. What better snack for late-night studying or cramming for a big test? Keep the pantry stocked with plenty of nuts when students are hitting the books!

Nifty Nibble at Parties

Nuts and nut mixes are ideal for parties and cocktail gatherings, as they require no work and they are the perfect little something that everyone will want to snack on. Serve nut mixes with chocolate or slightly exotic nuts, like macadamias, for something tempting and tasty to leave around the room for guests. For a textural contrast, serve toasted nuts with shards of cheese for hearty nibbles that your guests will enjoy.

Aww, nuts! Consider ways to benefit from the natural protein and fiber in nuts, and serve them daily in snacks, meals and even at parties. Check out our all-natural, gluten-free snack mixes and find the perfect products for your family!

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