My Favorite Job

My Favorite Job

Of all my jobs (I collect them like postage stamps) my favorite one is being a mom.  I’m crazy in love with my four kids.  I am NOT one of those mom’s that thinks my children are perfect by any stretch of the imagination.  Instead I’m the mom that believes her kids (like myself) are completely imperfect and yet the most wonderful people I’ve ever known.  I’m proud of my children…not because they are flawless, thoughtful and neat, but because they have character and they are willing to grow. 

I don’t love when they talk back, but I love that they believe they have a voice in our home that gives them the right to appropriately challenge me and each other. 

I love that all my children are so unique and such individuals. 







I love that I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt which ones will complain about broccoli and which ones will ask for seconds. 

I love that when they have a bad day, or they get hurt (physically or emotionally) or they feel sick I’m still the one they want. 

I feel blessed that I have four people in this world that know, come hell or high water I have their backs…and I love the days when they ASK me to have their back. 

I love watching the four of them cross over from being individuals to being a unified group…a force to be reckoned with. 

I love when they start a sentence with “mama…” 

I am grateful to be a mom.  Especially to four such amazing and imperfect humans!




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