Self-care: What do you think?

Self-care:   What do you think?

Can we talk for just a moment about this phenomenon of self care?  I mean, dang, if only I had coined this phrase a few years ago I’d be riding the gravy train.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not dissing the concept, in fact I think it’s great! 

My Mother’s generation believed taking care of themselves or even putting themselves on the priority list was selfishness and that was right up there with laziness in terms of unacceptable behaviors.  I’m really just bringing it up because I feel like those buzz words are around every corner.  Therefore, I’ve been forced to contemplate what I think and do about self care.  What I’ve discovered is not very pretty. 

Sometime between the 18 years ago when my first child was born and last month, I somehow forgot to make ‘“self care” a part of my daily life.  I excel at “child care”, “job care”, “friend care”, “pet care” and even some days “house care”, but I’m really quite bad at self care. 

Recently I heard the reminder that self care should be like an oxygen mask on a plane that is going to crash.  Put yours on first and THEN assist those around you.  As much as I like this analogy, it’s hard for me to put it in to practice.  Why is that?  Is it the way I’m wired, the internal messages I give myself or a fear that perhaps I will like it too much and start resenting the other areas of my life that require care?  Or is it that my definition of self care is too lofty and simply needs to be dialed back to simply constitute an idea like “believing that I am a person who needs time, attention and love”. 

What’s your take on self care?  How do you administer it to yourself in a way that is life-giving instead of an additional responsibility that needs attention?  I am sincerely asking for your input on the topic.  Chime in with comments below and let's see if we can change our attitude towards self care together.  Maybe we just need community accountability to get it higher on the "to-do" list of our everyday life.

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