The Power of a Good Book

The Power of a Good Book

I love to read.  I have less time for that luxury these days, thanks to children who believe they MUST be active every waking moment of every single day.  I find myself frequently starting business books, novels and life improvement books (ok maybe some books that could be considered part of the self help section at B&N) that rarely get read to completion.
I love the library…I think it has something to do with fond memories of riding my bike to the Edina library as an excuse to prolong the start of my homework.  Just last Tuesday I went to the library just to have an hour of literary indulgence and I ended up leaving with 5 books!  I know that I can't read 5 books, but I just love to read so I couldn't resist taking all those books home with me for a few weeks. 

I think there is something magical for me in reading a book...I have an active imagination and books allow me to escape to all kinds of adventures without ever leaving home.  I can go to different parts of the world, sit in on expensive teaching seminars and get to know fascinating characters without spending a dime.  And the part of my brain that loves to dream gets indulged every time I sit with a book. 

I also really love to learn....yes, thank you Dad for that quality!  I'm fascinated by the "feeling" of learning.  The way my brain seems to grow and breathe when I encounter new information and then it takes root and becomes understanding.  I like the feeling of getting smarter.

I’m always looking for a good book to read.  One that occasionally makes me laugh out loud.  Tugs on my heartstrings, but not in a “Steel Magnolias” kind of way.  One that makes me think deeply and maybe even question my opinion on a controversial topic.  A story that engages me so much that when I look up from reading I’m confused why the characters are no longer sitting in the room with me.  A story that for all intents and purposes could actually be happening in my life and world.  Anyone have some good suggestions?

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