Together For Good ( is one of the organizations that allows us to live out our mission to “Do Good and Give Back”.  Located in St. Paul, Minnesota, it’s close proximity to our headquarters makes it an easy place to plug in and truly know the people behind the organization.  We have been so impressed with the hearts and stories of the women who sacrificially move this organization forward to make a difference in the lives of so many people.

The reason that we resonate so deeply with Together For Good is found within their guiding principal “All Children deserve to be safe and protected”.  We could not agree more with this statement that is prominently displayed on their website.  This belief is manifested through their mission and value statements that “Vulnerable, socially isolated families often don’t have anywhere to turn in times of crisis or when facing chronic stress. Research tells us that without strong social networks, children can be left in unsafe situations, increasing the risk of abuse and neglect. Together, along with the church, we provide practical help and relational support to struggling families. Our trained network of volunteers provide safe places for children to stay during crisis, respite care and ongoing friendship to ensure no parent has to walk alone.”

Again, we could not agree more!  There are families within minutes of our front door that need a network of people who are willing to help in their time of need.  Not organizations that want to step in and dismantle the family, instead people, humans with flesh and blood and heartbeats that will say, “We can help.”  This help can look like a lot of things – caring for kids for the weekend, bringing meals, giving rides, taking kids to the circus for the evening to give mom and dad some room to breathe. 

Our family has personally had the tremendous privilege of coming alongside families in crisis and hosting kids to help parents with some much-needed respite time.  It’s not any big and sacrificial gift for us to give, but we always find that we get far more than we give in these instances. 

Together For Good is one of the organizations that receives financial support from Nutty Snacks as well as be a place where we give our time and talents to move their mission forward.  If you are in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area we encourage you to look into ways you can become involved with this organization as well.  If you live elsewhere, would you consider a financial donation to Together For Good to help them grow bigger and increase their impact? 


Emerge Mother’s Academy ( is another organization that we love and utilize as an outlet for doing good.  EMA exists to “equip single mothers to emerge as confident women and caring moms”.  As a single mom, our founder Sarah, finds a deep and personal connection with this organization.  Coming alongside an organization that recognizes the limitations and challenges that face single moms on a daily basis is truly an honor.  

In 2017, Sarah had the pleasure of being chosen as a recipient of the Micro-Loan Grant that Emerge Mother’s Academy offers to entrepreneurial mothers. With the money she received, Nutty was able to rebrand, hire two other Emerge Mothers for special projects and assistance in marketing and sales, and stay in business a year longer than anticipated without the financial assistance.  Sarah says, “Going through the process of applying, preparing and presenting to the Micro-Loan Grant board allowed me to grow in courage and confidence in my message and mission.  Being forced to narrow down my “why” to a synopsis that made sense to a panel of successful business men and women was a challenging task that has had ripple effects for over a year!”

 We are delighted to have been able to financially contribute back to Emerge Mother’s Academy through Nutty paychecks to Emerge Mothers as well as direct contributions to the organization.  It truly has been a full circle experience.

If you live in Minneapolis or have a heart for single mom’s trying to raise healthy and adjusted kids despite their own barriers to success, would you consider getting involved with this amazing organization?  Maybe you have business clothes you could donate for moms who are going out on interviews, or maybe you could offer time to volunteer as needed, or perhaps you own a business that could hire an Emerge Mother…whatever you have to offer, there is a need for that within this organization.




The Sheridan Story ( is a nonprofit that began in 2010 when administration at an elementary school in Northeast Minneapolis became aware of a major child hunger issue within it’s student population.  Kids were hoarding food on Fridays in order to bring food home to eat during the weekend. The administration approached a church that met at the school on Sundays and asked for help.  Out of that plea for assistance for hungry children, the Sheridan Story was born.  Launched as “a project designed to fight child hunger by providing a weekend’s supply of food to hungry children”, the organization has grown to now serve more than 5,400 students in 144 local schools.  That’s a mission that Nutty, as a food company, can truly get behind!

We are currently assessing the best way to partner with The Sheridan Story. Potential partnership includes Nutty donations for snack packs, Nutty packing event ( financial support or sponsoring a school.  We are excited to keep working towards a bona fide partnership with The Sheridan Story.