The Amani Project

We deeply believe that our success should enable us to help others in need.

That's why we set up The Amani Project (TAP) - to help and bless kids around the world. A portion of each Nutty Snacks sale will be donated to this "for good" organization which we hope will grow and make huge impacts around the world. 

Nutty Snacks officially launched in February 2015 but found it’s birth in a kitchen

Nutty Snacks - Amanifull of chaos and kids who were hungry! After lots of encouragement from friends and family and with a dream and lots of prayers we decided to make our product official. 

We’ve had a fun start with Nutty Snacks, and now we’re ready to focus on what we are really doing and why we are here.

We don’t want to be one more product out there for sale - we want to have a greater purpose. I guess you could say we’re evolving into a better version of us.

So the question ... why are we here? 

The obvious answer to that is to sell Nutty Snacks - which IS a big piece of our purpose. I love Nutty, I give it to my kids, I think it’s delicious and I’m proud of the product.

However, we are also here to make a difference in the world and do good. Originally we thought that The Amani Project was going to be the main vehicle of doing good, but now we think that might be dreaming too small and here’s why...

When looking at the WHY behind our business, I’ve realized that a big part of the reason I launched this business was to find a way to “do good” in a larger way.

I had a dream of having a social enterprise component to my business, but I didn’t really have a clear vision of what that meant or how it would play out in real life. Now I have a better idea of what I was hoping to accomplish when I decided to leap into business.

Do good!

Here’s what it means to me in terms of this business, we will provide a platform that:

CONTRIBUTES financially to support organizations around the world that are making a difference in the lives of women, children, families in crisis and the poor.

HIGHLIGHTS businesses doing good on my website and through my blog. Every month I am going to highlight a business that is doing social enterprise in a way that I admire or with a product that I believe makes a difference. 

PROVIDES a resource for others that want to do good - provide a place for people to come to find ways to do good. Let people get involved where we are involved, be an inspiration to others to do good on their own or simply provide the opportunity to purchase some Nutty Snacks and therefore automatically contribute to The Amani Project and do good through us.

NURTURES a community where others can tell their story, offer ideas on ways to do good, connect with others in their areas of passion or areas of town.

AMPLIFIES - speak up for those who can’t speak for themselves.

ENCOURAGES families, people, organizations, small businesses - in many different ways through many different expressions.

CONNECTS people - orphans to forever families, supporters to businesses and organizations and strangers to friends.

I hope you hear the invitation to connect and engage with us - that’s what we are offering. A place online where you can experience community and together we can grow and impact lives while we “do good”.

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