We are Nutty about ...

.. Helping Others!

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... Working with Others!


Biz Chix Podcast #218:

Nutty's CEO and Founder Sarah Snider working with Natalie Eckdahl from Biz Chix and gets laser sharp focus for Nutty's success. 


Best Mom Products:

Rachel Olsen interviews CEO & Founder Sarah on "AHA" moments, challenges and successes. 


Granite Games 2015:

Nutty Snacks getting Nutty about the Games as a sponsor, a vendor and a swag bag contributor. We kept volunteers fueled with nutty goodness available all weekend.

They are Nutty about Us!

A shout-out and Thank You to those who try Nutty and share their experiences with others.

  • Renee Conner of Renee Conner Cake Design used Cinna Nutty for one of her amazing recipes - Pumpkin Muffins. Here's her video talking you through how to make them.
  • Kelli Bliss - Kelli tried our Cinna Nutty and wrote a review here
  • April Phelps Downey - April tried our variety pack and has something to offer about each of the flavors here 
  • Jennifer Bigler - she used Nutty in Pumpkin Pie Overnight Oats and made a video about how to do it here